Which Size?

Which size?

We want to help you carry your child comfortably from birth and for as long as your child is happy to be carried! This is why Connecta carriers come in three sizes:

  • Standard
  • Toddler
  • Preschool

Each size is safety tested to 24kg (52lb) and is suitable to carry children up to  24kg in. The panel size of the toddler Connecta is larger than the standard, and the preschool Connecta is the largest size Connecta carrier.



You can carry your baby in your standard Connecta carrier from newborn (7lb or heavier). You’ll use the small accessory strap to cinch the base of the carrier to make it narrow enough for very young babies, until around 5 months old. It will give a supportive and comfortable fit for most children until 2 – 2.5 years.

Technical stuff for your Standard Connecta:

Suitable from 3.5kg to 24kg

Standard main panel is 14” wide and 17” tall

Fits up to 56” waist

Minimum shoulder strap length is 14” (or 12” on the petite strap version)

Maximum shoulder strap length is 38” (or 36” on the petite strap version)



Your toddler Connecta will give a supportive and comfortable fit for most children from 18 months until around 3.5 years or older.

Technical stuff for your Toddler Connecta:

Suitable from 12kg to 24kg

Toddler main panel is 16.5” wide and 22” tall

Fits up to 56” waist

Minimum shoulder strap length is 17” (or 15” on the petite strap version)

Maximum shoulder strap length is 41” (or 39” on the petite strap version)



Your Preschool Connecta will be comfortable and supportive for most children from 3 years until around 5 years of age. The preschool Connecta is the perfect solution for days out when little legs just get too tired to go any further!


Technical stuff for your Preschool Connecta:

Preschool main panel is 24″ tall and 18″ wide

Fits up to 56″ waist

Minimum shoulder strap length is17″

Maximum shoulder strap length is 41″


Standard straps or petite straps – which should I choose?

Connecta Baby Carriers and Connecta Toddler Carriers come with two shoulder strap options:

  • standard straps
  • petite straps

The “petite” refers to the padded length of the shoulder straps, rather than the width or amount of padding or size of the carrier itself. Petite straps have 2 inches shorter of padding than standard straps.


For the baby/standard size Connecta Carrier:

Standard strap – 14 inches minimum strap length, 38 inches maximum length

Petite strap – 12 inches minimum strap length, 36 inches maximum length


For the toddler size Connecta Carrier:

Standard strap – 17 inches minimum strap length, 39 inches maximum

Petite strap – 15 inches minimum strap length, 41 inches maximum


Standard straps will fit almost everyone for front carries. Petite straps fit most people for front carries too, although it’s worth checking whether you may benefit from the additional 2 inches of overall length if you wear larger sizes in clothing on your upper body.

For back carries, the petite straps give you a wider range of tightening on the shoulder straps which may be helpful for petite adults. Many Connecta baby carrier customers who are shorter in stature and/or a smaller clothing size (UK size 10 or under in women’s clothing) find the petite straps useful for back carries. However, standard straps can work for a comfortable back carry for everyone too, depending on how high you were the Connecta baby carrier on your torso. You can also use to the accessory strap to bring the shoulder straps in closer on your chest, they “shortening” the shoulder straps and giving you a tighter fit. You’ll need the accessory strap for a back carry for standard and petite straps, as it keeps the shoulder straps in place on your shoulders and prevents them from slipping off.

Smaller numbers of Connecta carriers are produced with the petite strap option, so you’ll find a wider range of prints and colours available with standard straps.

Connecta Preschool straps are not made with a petite strap option.