Connecta Print

Our collection of Connecta Prints ranges from pretty floral prints, cute animal prints, to geometric designs. Connecta Prints come in bold and bright colours, or more subtle greys and muted shades.
Our prints change frequently, meaning you might want to own more than one!
Some of our Connecta prints are very limited special editions. Limited edition Connectas often quickly become collectors’ items!
The inner fabric and shoulder straps of all our Connecta prints is 100% certified Cotonea organic cotton.
Cotonea fabric is made from cotton that is sourced from farmers in Uganda and in Kyrgyzstan. Cotonea farmers produce cotton without using any artificial pesticides or fertilisers, and without any genetically modified seed or cotton plants.
Cotonea gives the farmers financial security. Their direct involvement with the farmers means that they’re able to trust that the cotton is organically grown without contamination. Your Connecta is healthier for you, your baby, and the planet.

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