Our Top Tips For Easier Travelling With Your Baby

Make traveling easier with your Connecta Baby Carrier
Travel with your Connecta Baby Carrier (thank you Milly’s Hugs for the photo!)

For many parents with babies that aren’t yet walking or who have just started walking, travelling with them almost sounds paradoxical. Instead, it often feels easier to cut family travels out of our schedule. Staying within a controlled environment and in familiar surroundings often seems a more plausible option.

There’s no doubt that travelling with your baby can have its difficulties. Dealing with nappy changes and feeding en-route is unlikely to be at the top of your wishlist. However, with some prior planning and preparation, family travel can still be lots of fun.

Other than planning ahead, travelling with the necessary baby essentials will make your holiday time a lot easier. Let’s check some top tips that will transform your family travels for the better!


Use A Baby Carrier

Include a baby carrier at the top of your list when you’re thinking of important baby essentials for travelling. A baby carrier allows you to travel with your baby close to your chest. This way, you’ll not need to wonder where your baby is (for children who are starting to walk), or whether your baby is ok as you can seem them instantly.

Additionally, you’ll be able to carry your luggage, and your baby’s luggage, while you’re at it. If you’re in the market for the perfect baby carrier, take a look at the Connecta baby carrier. The Connecta baby carrier is designed to make your life easier while being comfortable to wear. It’s extremely lightweight and comes with adjustable straps to provide maximum comfort for both your baby and for you. The Connecta baby carrier comes in different colours and prints, so you’re sure to find one that you’ll love!


Carry Your Infant Car Seat With You

It goes without saying that you’ll need to use your infant car seat while travelling on the road. However, if you’re flying, then taking your infant car seat on the plane is a great idea too. Many airlines allow you to strap your baby into his own seat on the plane.


Toys, Toys, Toys!

When travelling, toys can be a great distraction for your baby. Remember to pack your little one’s favorite toy or stuffed animal if you want to have a pleasant trip. Toys have a way of grabbing a baby’s attention for a long period of time. This will allow you to focus on the road, or even take a break while on the plane.


Don’t Forget Wipes

Between changing nappies and feeding (baby and yourself!), things can get quite messy. Either reuseable or disposable wipes can be a lifesaver for all sorts of situations! We prefer reuseable wipes, and you can either make them yourself or buy ready-made ones.


Always Carry Extras

As a parent you’ll know that you always have to bring extra clothes, not only for the little one but for yourself too. Baby food landing on your shirt is less stressful when you know you have extra shirts for the day. For your baby, ensure that you carry loose fitting clothes that are comfortable.

You might also want to replace your baby’s two-piece outfits with babygrows and onesies. This way, you don’t stand the risk of losing a few clothing items.

Babies are a blessing. Your baby will change your life, but for the better. You can still experience life and enjoy family travel time if you remember our tips for enjoyable family travel. Don’t forget to grab your Connecta baby carrier for a fun-filled travel experience!


It’s a Solar Summer!

The Connecta Solar baby and toddler carrier is the perfect baby carrier all year round, but it really comes into its own in warmer weather.

The Solar fabric is specially imported from the United States to produce Connecta Solar carriers. It’s UV protective, with a UV50 rating. It dries super-fast, which is ideal for days out poolside or seaside. The very clever Solar fabric maintains its structure even when wet. And it is s very lightweight! Being able to easily pop the Connecta Solar into a bag is one of the most appealing features of this popular baby carrier.

This season there’s a wonderful range of Connecta Solar colours, so there’s sure to be one that you like. They’re in stock and available to ship straight away from Connecta’s distributor Koala Slings Connecta Solar baby carriers always sell out quickly, so don’t miss yours!


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If you’re going to be travelling this spring and summer, do take look at the travel tips that our friends at Merry-Go-Round. Slowly. have put together. Of course they’ve suggested a Connecta carrier as an essential travel item, and we couldn’t agree more!


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Our Very First Connecta

Thank you to Laura Hossin for sharing her love for Connecta carriers! Laura tells us about their very first Connecta…..

We first used a Connecta when our baby was just 1 week old. We had a dog to walk and a buggy just wasn’t going to cut it.

We soon learned that our son would fall asleep within seconds when he was in the Connecta. This was the most amazing revelation as it meant my husband could take our son and dog for a walk, without fear of him needing to be cuddled by me or clamped to my breast. I have never been more grateful for the 2 hours sleep my husband and the Connecta helped me have during our son’s second week. Not only that, but it gave the boys lots of bonding time together which they still enjoy now (in their matching flat caps!)



My First Connecta Love

Thank you to Elizabeth Luddington, who runs Stockport Sling Library, for our first guest blog post.

I didn’t use carriers with my first baby in 2011. When I had my second baby 17 months later, in 2012, I knew I needed something to allow my hands free to run after the toddler! We didn’t have a local sling library when she was born. The first unofficial meet of our sling library-to-be was when my new baby was just under 2 weeks old. I toddled along and met some fellow sling enthusiasts.

From that meeting I borrowed a stretchy wrap, and after a few months I tried a woven wrap. It wasn’t long until I tried my first buckle carrier – a Connecta baby carrier! I loved it from the start. The Connecta carrier gave me the freedom to carry on carrying my baby after I’d started finding the stretchy less supportive. Carry on carrying is just what I did – it’s her 5th birthday today and she still goes up on occasions!

My absolute overriding special memory of that first Connecta baby carrier is a trip to Chester zoo for my birthday when my baby was 4 months old. It was the first time I managed to breastfeed in a sling. The Connecta had already brought me the ability to manage a toddler and a newborn on my own, share outings with them – and now it enabled me to feed on the go too, magical! I own many more Connecta carriers now. I’m quite partial to the Oscha starry night wrap conversion Connecta carriers, but that very first Connecta baby carrier will always have a special place in my heart.

Elizabeth Luddington, 22nd November 2017

Photo is of my second baby and her daddy with our first Connecta baby carrier


Connecta Partnership

E&Z continue to supply our retail partners with Connecta carriers, manufactured to the same high quality material and safety standards, that you have come to expect.

Our retail partners have a great range of Connecta prints and Solars in stock now, and they will have more later this month.

E&Z and their retail partners look forward to continuing to supply you with a tried, tested and safe product, backed companies with industry experience and proven customer satisfaction. Connecta Baby carriers are based on certified organic cotton material, which is healthier for both adult and baby.