Our Top Tips For Easier Travelling With Your Baby

For many parents with babies that aren’t yet walking or who have just started walking, travelling with them almost sounds paradoxical. Instead, it often feels easier to cut family travels out of our schedule. Staying within a controlled environment and in familiar surroundings often seems a more plausible option. There’s no doubt that travelling with […]

Connecta Solar in Sky blue, available from Koala Slings

It’s a Solar Summer!

The Connecta Solar baby and toddler carrier is the perfect baby carrier all year round, but it really comes into its own in warmer weather. The Solar fabric is specially imported from the United States to produce Connecta Solar carriers. It’s UV protective, with a UV50 rating. It dries super-fast, which is ideal for days […]

DaddiLife review

Simon from DaddiLife has reviewed the Connecta carrier, and shared his thoughts with other dads and parents – https://daddilife.com/connecta-baby-carrier-review/

Merry Go Round. Slowly

If you’re going to be travelling this spring and summer, do take look at the travel tips that our friends at Merry-Go-Round. Slowly. have put together. Of course they’ve suggested a Connecta carrier as an essential travel item, and we couldn’t agree more!   Travel Tips this summer

Our Very First Connecta

Thank you to Laura Hossin for sharing her love for Connecta carriers! Laura tells us about their very first Connecta….. We first used a Connecta when our baby was just 1 week old. We had a dog to walk and a buggy just wasn’t going to cut it. We soon learned that our son would […]

My First Connecta Love

Thank you to Elizabeth Luddington, who runs Stockport Sling Library, for our first guest blog post. I didn’t use carriers with my first baby in 2011. When I had my second baby 17 months later, in 2012, I knew I needed something to allow my hands free to run after the toddler! We didn’t have […]

Connecta Partnership

E&Z continue to supply our retail partners with Connecta carriers, manufactured to the same high quality material and safety standards, that you have come to expect. Our retail partners have a great range of Connecta prints and Solars in stock now, and they will have more later this month. E&Z and their retail partners look […]